Friday, September 16, 2011

Resort World Miami set to be unveiled

Tan Sri Lim Kouk Thai set to unveiled RM 9.3 billion at Miami, Florida. The Genting empire continue to grow and expand. Tan Sri follow his father footstep and went one step higher. The casino license yet to be approve. Malaysian really should proud of themselves and many tychoons make their presence felt.

First Tan Sri Tony Fernandes bought BPL's side QPR and immediately bought host of player and David Beckham is their immediate target by January. Their home jersey carry the 'Malaysia Airline' while away 'AirAsia'. They willl be at KL next summer.

Next, Tan Sri Vincent Tan who own the Wales side Cardiff City. The side don the 'Malaysia' sponsor jersey. Yesterday the Cardiff town welcome Malaysia Beckham, Safee Sali, he stayed at hotel next to training ground and immediately been tried out the next day. Wish him the best before he back to Indonesia Pelita Jaya FC. He will do fine here in South East Asia, honestly.

Ah Jib also announce some exciting news thru radio and television yesterday. Wish Malaysia happy birthday and Malaysia Memang Boleh!

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